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In Memory of Andy Peña, son of Victor and Giovanna, brother of Cesar, much loved and missed by so many


Andy Peña was a freshman at Darien High School in Darien, Connecticut, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from myocarditis on March 25, 2011, just one month away from turning 15.


Andy’s short life was extraordinarily inspirational to his family, friends, neighbors and community. He was immensely friendly, generous, compassionate and caring towards all. Andy’s contagious smile has become an icon of his remarkable life as many remember how it touched and uplifted them.

Andy was a devoted son, an exemplar brother, a loyal friend and a cool playmate to the many children well younger than him that he babysat and dedicated time and attention while playing in the neighborhood.  Little children adored Andy and followed him everywhere.


Andy was a disciplined student and athlete. He learned to swim at the Darien YMCA at age three and pursued the sport diligently to become a strong competitive swimmer. Among several other swim awards, he won recognition for placement among the top 16 Connecticut swimmers in his age group in a backstroke event. As a freshman Andy joined the high school track and field team, having found a new sport passion.  He trained and competed avidly during the cross-country fall and the winter indoors track seasons. Andy passed away while training on a treadmill for the spring track season.

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